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Tornado celebrates 25 Years of Operational Deployment

It has been 25 years since the Royal Air Force helped liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s forces. To commemorate this event an RAF Tornado GR4 has been painted in the iconic Gulf War ‘desert pink’ paint scheme to honour the aircraft type’s almost continuous operational service since then. The ‘desert pink’ Tornado, number ZG750, is based at RAF Lossiemouth with XV(R) Squadron, which saw active service during Operation Granby, the UK’s codename for the Gulf War. The aircraft carries 11 ‘battle honours’ on its tail, recalling the Tornado’s almost continuous service on operations worldwide since 1991. I was lucky enough to photograph this rare jet at low level when it flew its first low level sortie in its new colour scheme. Check the photos in my 2016 gallery

Source and More info on Op Granby